What Happened to January?

Where did this month go? One minute we're celebrating New Years and now we're about to slide into February. Way too fast for me. The work below is titled "In Her Own Company, She Is Always Enough." This along with 19 other collages (both fabric and encaustic) are presently on view at Maude Kerns Art Center in Eugene through February 8. The show is called Homage and also features wonderful painted portraits by Rachel Marcotte and Brooke Stone. Having nearly recovered from the frenzy of creating work for this exhibition, I'm now on to the next show with will be in March. More on that in my next post. My new goal (not a resolution, just a hopeful attempt) is to post once a week. Wish me luck ;)

#fabricphotocollage #oregonartist #handstitching #WPAphoto

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