Go to your studio and make stuff. 
Making is what gets me going. Curiosity keeps me on the path and assists me in arriving at my final destination, which isn't always where I thought I'd end up. The push/pull "randomness" vs. "structure" of art making and graphic design continues to challenge me and draws me into the studio every day.

I have been making art in one form or another since childhood – stitching

pre-printed samplers, fabricating elaborate collaged drawings and designing tiny dresses for my troll dolls. With advanced degrees in ceramics, textiles and photography, my passions have led me in many directions and my career has encompassed a wide variety of professions: pastry chef, art director, location scout, miniature golf course designer, photo stylist and paint-color consultant. For more than two decades I have owned a graphic design business, meeting with clients, designing invitations, favors and collateral for corporations, non-profits and private individuals. 


I utilize both fiber and paper in my artwork. Books, along with collections of papers, ribbons, stacks of Iphone photos inkjet printed on Japanese rice paper and other ephemera clutter my studio. Working with hot beeswax and Demar resin, I collage photographs, handmade papers, pan pastels, paint and more. Images of flora, fauna, natural and human landscapes are combined to create visual stories about a time, memory or place – real or imagined. Cold wax, oil paint and Venetian plaster come together in my abstract pieces as interpretations of sounds, vistas and concepts that intrigue me. And I'm always stitching . . .


Ever the helper cat, Henry is always ready

to lend a paw.



The consummate critic, Winnie knows good art when she naps on it.


With north facing windows, my sunporch workspace in NE Portland is the best.

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